Boston Italian Restaurants

Got pizza? We do and so much more! Let your taste buds travel around Boston for Italian dishes that rival those served in Italy.

The North End is the obvious starting point – Boston’s original neighborhood, was a pre-revolutionary settlement with succeeding immigrant populations taking the turf – the last being the Italian community – who still claim "ownership” today. Boston’s “Little Italy” restaurants offer traditional red sauce meals to the most contemporary Italian fare – your choice – you win regardless!  Many are on the main streets (of which there are few) and many more are housed on the small, winding side streets that comprise most of the neighborhood.

Italian food is and (we believe) always will be popular and so it’s no wonder that Italian eateries, ranging in style, atmosphere and cost can be found throughout the city. While there are too many to mention, we can suggest the South End, Beacon Hill and the Seaport District for authentic trattoria dining.

Mangia bene!

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