Museum of Science

Ranging in topics from human biology to the latest high-tech inventions, the Museum of Science offers more than 700 permanent, hands-on, minds-on fun exhibits enhanced by live stage presentations and science interpreters offering one-on-one challenges.

Witness the metamorphosis of an earthbound caterpillar to a winged adult butterfly and learn how colors and wing patterns grant them protection strategies in Butterfly Garden and get a better understanding of our solar system and  how our infinitesimal our planet compares to our stellar neighbors, nearby galaxies and more distance objects in Cosmic Light.

Hands-on demonstrations in Seeing Is Deceiving allow you to "take apart" illusions, observe black-and-white patterns that reveal colors when you spin them, see still images that appear to blink and pictures that vanish and then reappear.

Temporary exhibits change regularly and are equally fascinating and informative. And many national touring exhibits usually make a stop in Boston.

The separate admission theatres are also well worth a visit. The Mugar OMNI Theatre wraps audiences in larger-than-life images of flora, fauna, and faraway places and the surround sound heightens the experience whether you swim with nature’s most renowned predator, the Great White Shark, spend time with six million penguins in the sub- Antarctic or white-water raft the iconic Grand Canyon River.

The Charles Hayden Planetarium is powered by superior full-dome video and audio systems and a state-of-the-art Zeiss Starmaster projector creating “immersive video”. The domed venue allows visitors to see thousands of stars and to experience an astronaut’s eye-view of planet Earth.

4-D films use the high-definition capabilities of a 3-D film with added special effects of snow, wind and scents all enhancing the experience.

Twist and turn in Thrill Ride’s dynamic simulator films with full-motion, 360-degree pitch, roll, and spin technology, surround sound and 3-D imaging!